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Digital Tachographs and The Future of Telematics

VDO have been manufacturing and supplying Tachographs since their introduction into the transport World. With the arrival of Digital Tachographs in 2006 operators now appreciate the many advantages of incorporating telematics technology into their existing digital tachograph systems...

Birmingham, United Kingdom, 22nd February 2012. VDO recently launched the TIS-Track and Trace product to the marketplace which incorporates existing Digital Tachograph data already being collected and then adding extra vehicle and Driver data.  This then gives the  Operator the opportunity to track and trace their vehicles showing where their vehicles are located currently and where they have been historically in a simple and easy to understand way.

This is perfect for creating exact information about the location of deliveries plus the  estimated delivery times for the customer giving the ultimate service possible.  The solution can be used on any PC, iphone or ipad with internet connectivity and is designed for small to medium sized fleets that wish to enter the telematics World at a basic entry level.A more comprehensive  telematics solution is also offered with the Qualcomm brand as VDO in conjunction with the telematics software provider Qualcomm have a more advanced solution to their telemetry product portfolio “Qualcomm OmniExpress”.  This solution has been developed for Fleet Managers to automatically and remotely download mass memory data and access it through their VDO TIS-Web account.  This means that tachograph data is being analysed and archived  plus it has the additional real-time tracking and tracing of the vehicles route, and historical vehicle location information.  The Qualcomm product also gives you start, stop times, fuel usage, driver behavior such as harsh braking and speeding and much more.This solution has been designed for large fleet operators in that need more detailed information.

VDO from Tachographs to Data Management to Fleet software solutions.  The company that meets your business issues each time every time.

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